MicroPasts is a free and open-source, crowd-sourcing platform which supports massive online data collection about the human past (e.g. for researchers in archaeology, history and heritage). It is inspired by existing multi-application, crowd-sourcing projects such as Zooniverse, Libcrowds or Crowdcrafting and, like the latter two, is built using the excellent Pybossa platform.

PyBossa handles storage of data, management of users, and overall workflow, while individual projects are written in Javascript and HTML5.

For now, we are developing example projects for common research tasks that require either widespread user contributions (such as on-location photography) or human intelligence (such as geocoding, image classification, transcription and more). In the future, we also wish to help researchers in archaeology, history and heritage to create their own crowd-sourcing projects from scratch and host them here.

All the software and data we create is placed immediately into the public domain under an open licence.

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Meet the founders

Professor Andrew Bevan

Institution: University College London

Daniel Pett

Institution: University of Cambridge

Dr Chiara Bonacchi

Institution: University of Stirling

Dr Neil Wilkin

Institution: The British Museum

Dr Adi Keinan-Schoonbaert

Institution: The British Library

Dr Jennifer Wexler

Institution: The British Museum

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