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The Iron Age in Britain was a period of profound social and economic change: regional politics and community identities were in flux, links to continental Europe were becoming increasingly profound and large parts of England embraced a key new economic and social medium: gold and silver coins. These so-called Celtic coins are the first carriers of the written word found here, therefore marking the end of ‘prehistory’ in Britain. Later Iron Age coins shed light on a number of key aspects of life in this period, from social structure and economy to ancient belief systems. Yet, they have often been excluded from wider studies on Iron Age material culture. This project will help make the largest archive of Iron Age coinage in the world accessible online, which will open the doors to future research. We would like student help to set up a crow-sourcing project that will transcribe the data from these paper records into a digital format. This project will form part of a wider project led by Oxford’s Celtic Coin Index Digital (CCID) project (https://ccid.web.ox.ac.uk).

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