Mediterranean Radiocarbon Dates

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This application asks for assistance in pooling radiocarbon dates from across the Mediterranean region. Archaeologists are increasingly keen to gather large inventories of radiocarbon dates as an indirect way to assess highs and lows in overall human activity (or population numbers) in the past. This crowdsourcing project is an experimental one to encourage sharing of these dates among those working in Mediterranean archaeology. If you have access to publications that list radiocarbon dates from the Mediterranean region or have dates you have gathered yourself, then please consider contributing.

The interface for this project is deliberately very simple. Contributors are given a link to our existing Mediterranean radiocarbon date listing so that they can check whether or not their dates are already present (the existing consolidated list is here as .csv. If a contributor's proposed dates are not yet listed, then they need to format them to match our pre-set column headings, then paste one or more of them into our online spreadsheet and submit. Suggestions for correcting errors in existing dates in the archive can also be made.

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