Petrie Diaries (1922 - 1923)

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This application enables the transcription of the Petrie Museum's archive of pocket diaries kept by the well-known Egyptian archaeologist, Sir Flinders Petrie. This one cover the years 1922 - 1923 and records which sites he was working on, when and who he met with. We also get to see when he is buying antiquities as well as excavating them helping us understand his collecting habits. By helping Alice Stevenson and Paolo Delvesco transcibe these diaries, you will enable many new uses for these data.

Images will be drawn from the Petrie Museum's Flickr feed and redisplayed in the browser window. We would like help in assigning each daily entry in the diary its proper date and then with transcribing the often challenges handwriting for each entry.

This application should be a very straightforward and will contribute to an overall goal of transcribing the full set of Flinders Petrie's diaries, covering his life from 1922 - 1923. The diary is a 1923 one that Petrie used from October 1922 (so crosses out the 1923 on those months!). The reason it says 1924 is because the very last week in the diary for December 1923 goes into January 1924. A season started in late Autumn/early Winter (October or November) which is when he would start a 'new diary'.

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