Project Andvari: Tagging objects with Linked Open Data

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This application is on behalf of Project Andvari (a US based research project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)). It is a simple interface via which users can view a sample object from either the British Museum, or Kringla and select terms from the supplied RDF thesaurus that appropriately describe the iconographic content of an object.

The application should be able to gather adequate data so that the project team may later assess:

  • how many users selected terms for a given object
  • how many terms – per user – were selected for a given object
  • the overall frequency of term usage distributed across all objects
  • what free-text user comments were generated regarding the applicability of the draft thesaurus.

Data for this project is drawn from Kringla and the British Museum collections.

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