Amarna Object Cards 1930-31

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This application enables the transcription of archive cards from the Egypt Exploration Society's 1930 - 1931 season at Amarna. Images will be drawn from the EES Flickr feed and redisplayed in the browser window. They would like the following information to be transcribed for them to create a searchable archive for their records. These fields are:

  • Title
  • Object number
  • Negative number
  • Provenance
  • Distribution
  • Other notes
  • Annotations (if any).

This should be a very straight forward and easy application and comprises of just under 700 images.

This project is on behalf of:

This application is on behalf of the Egypt Exploration Society.

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Contributors to this project's completion.

Our thanks for help on this project are conveyed to:

Daniel Pett, Lucy Ellis, Elaine Dale, Liz D, Nicky van de Beek, Dina Fathalla, Denis Antoine, Susan Magyarody, MARLA WALCOTT, Marilyn Kohn, Catherine Ford, Jed Rual, Kathleen Condray, Hayley Ruth Goddard, Colin Marie-Eve

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