Transcription of the Fitzwilliam Audioguide

100% completed

Help us transcribe the Fitzwilliam Museum's audioguide

Hello, I'm Daniel Pett and I lead the Fitzwilliam Museum's digital team. In these uncertain times of Covid-19, we're all trying to make the most of the situation and I need some help. Maybe you can be that person?

Our museum has a legacy audio guide that I want to make work harder and augment our collections information with searchable text of the descriptions and stories that were created for the audio tour. These texts could help people experience our amazing objects in a different way, and maybe we could translate them.

So for this application, I have split the tours into 10 second segments or when there is a space in the audio. I'd like you to listen to the text and look at the automatically generated transcription and correct it if needed.

If you can help me, then I'll post your name as a contributor to our internal and external systems.

Thank you for your time, I and the MicroPasts team appreciate it.


Thank you

Many thanks to the below for finishing this project:

Elaine Dale, Jeff Okazaki, Denis Antoine, Michael Adams, Jasmine E Brady, Katherine Barnes, Mariah Ashbacher, Hannah Smith, Michael Norman, Chris Gibbon, Shona Hoey, Emma Harbour, Lorna Keddie, Tara Panesar , Thais , Arthur Tan, Georgina Holmes, Sarah Allen, Shona Burch, Anna, Nicola Gatfield, Tanya Mathur, Roger Wilmot, Lekha, T May, Maria Benedetto Mozo, Adi Levin, Jennifer Palling, Jasmine Xie, Athena, Kathryn Giffin, Emily Chang, Nina, Elena Doran , Claire Smith, Terence Gould, Louisa de Gooijer, Elena Alexandra Karampela, Sophie Wilson, Ryan Abramowitz and 10 anonymous contributors.