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George Horsfield standing by a dolmenUCL IOA Collection

This application will help Dr. Rachael Sparks, Keeper of UCL Institute of Archaeology's Collections, to get more information on some fascinating historical photographs from the Horsfield collection.

George and Agnes Horsfield worked at archaeological sites mainly in Jordan in the 1920s and 1930s. Their projects included their magnificent Petra excavations, as well as works at the citadel in Amman and Jerash.

Their photographic collection ended up at UCL's Special Collections facility, and includes thousands of photographs and negatives. Photos included in this application are from George and Agnes' travels and represent George Horsfield's work as Chief Curator of Antiquities in Transjordan, and include sites in Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Syria. Many of these were taken by Agnes, and one of the included photos is of her, taken with her own camera by George.

Enhancing this important photographic archive will facilitate the searching of specific themes such as people, objects, architectural aspects, archaeological elements, etc.

This application loads a picture from the Horsfield Archive and asks people to tag identified people or elements. You can click on the picture and drag to draw a rectangle on top of the element. This action will open a window where you will be able to type the name of that element and save it. You can then add various keywords, attribute the place to a Pleiades identifier and geo-reference the photograph to a map.

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Lucy Ellis, Jos Kleijne, Hugh Fiske, Cheryl Ellsworth, Jeff Okazaki, Joellen mcGann, Dina Fathalla, Emily Cowan, Margaret Ellen Joy, Nina Sharman, John Marr, Kathleen Gransalke, Doina Bucur, Raest Wylde, Eleni Papaioannou, Louise Panton, Maragkaki Froso, Maria Christakou, Christopher Wai, A.L. McMichael, Danielle Haigh-Wood, John Kavanagh, Peeters Anthony, Helen Wang, Wesley Church, Ian MacInnes, Elizabeth Dale, Nate, Gill Byrne, Juliet Taylor, Juliet Crome, Michael Rank, Lucas Suter, Stephanie Choy, Arielle Richards and other anonymous contributors for completing this application.

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