Sesebi Object Cards 1936 - 1937 Season

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This application enables the transcription of archive cards from the Egypt Exploration Society excavations at Sesebi between 1936 - 1937 under the direction of Herbert Walter Fairman. Images will be drawn from the EES Flickr feed and redisplayed in the browser window. They would like the following information to be transcribed for them to create a searchable archive for their records.

These fields are:

  • Season number
  • Description
  • Date of record
  • Site code
  • Card number
  • Scale
  • Distribution/ Museum sent to
  • Provenance
  • Number in red crayon
  • Your comments

The object cards have been scanned by EES volunteer Elissa Day as part of the 2015 volunteer projects.

This project is on behalf of:

This application is on behalf of the Egypt Exploration Society.

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